NVIDIA RTX 3060... another GPU you cant buy...

2021 13 ژانویه
481 729 بازدید

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  • jay now is a weatherman, we are seeing a rise in bitcoin and low GPU in stocks. The next few months will be dry

    inferno 601inferno 601پیش 3 روز
  • Lol 3060 is a true garbage.

    Roxy_xc xcRoxy_xc xcپیش 3 روز
  • : D RTX 3060 is worst performance GPU to buy..lololo. so slow basically weaker than RX 5700 XT cheaper one hahah..

    Roxy_xc xcRoxy_xc xcپیش 3 روز
  • Time to make my own youtube channel. Maybe i would be able to get me some card that way.

    MarpheyMarpheyپیش 4 روز
  • Honestly, I am disappointed. I expected it to be on the level of 2070 super.

    Navneet Vikash SawNavneet Vikash Sawپیش 4 روز
  • I got an EVGA RTX 3060 XC today from the Newegg Raffle. On release day!

    Del ScovilleDel Scovilleپیش 4 روز
  • I actually have a 3060 it is one of 4 in england

    Samuel OliverSamuel Oliverپیش 5 روز
    • I got a 3060 aswell!

      im the oneim the oneپیش 2 روز
  • The 3070 is competing with the 2080ti for 500$ and the 3060 that has 500$ models available is getting beat by a 2070super or 5700xt. That's why people are disappointed. It's not sticking with the trend very well and even if you get a 330$ 3060 it so far only looks marginally better than it's 2060 counterpart

    John PJohn Pپیش 5 روز
  • My, I'm plain fed-up with all this crazy crypto craziness going on. I planned on changing my gpu this year and it's being mission impossible all the time. I was aiming for a 3070 or a 3060 but it's no stock month after month. I know this is not the place to rant but you asked us our opinion XD I won't buy any used card or buy from resellers at stupid prices, so waiting seems like the logical thing to do here. I hope the situation turns for the best before the end of this year.

    Zimnel RedoranZimnel Redoranپیش 5 روز
  • Would a 3060 be better than an old 1080 though? Would like to upgrade in the future but broke af.

    kamikaze00007kamikaze00007پیش 5 روز
  • This seriously is so frustrating

    SiggieSiggieپیش 6 روز
  • Out of stock.

    AzAzپیش 6 روز
  • As a semi-professional editor, graphic designer, and 3D designer, I feel that 12 GB vram is incredible for a good budget build rendering machine. I mean sure the render will take more time, but you can work around that, you can't work around a scene not rendering at all do to Vram limitations.

    Fuzzy ImagesFuzzy Imagesپیش 7 روز
  • no point at all, for now you cant choose which GPU you wanna buy or not, is what GPU stock is available in the store for you to buy...

    Alan TanAlan Tanپیش 7 روز
  • Silly jay 30 series card doesn't exist.

    RanaRanaپیش 7 روز
  • What about the prices of Personal Computer (PC) Graphics Cards (Graphics Processor Units) in particular and the prices of the Computer Processors (Central Processing Units)? That is, the giants and scalpers consider it utopian that maybe someone should sell their space (or something more important) and not get enough to get a graphics card ???. That is, what do they have the ability to do for us and how much do they count on us ???. Where are the prices of $500/600 US Dollars now ?? PRICE WAR: NVIDIA VS ATI / AMD NVIDIA: NVIDIA® GeForce® 3090 RTX ™ ~ MSRP: $ 2,499 (REAL PRICE: $ 2,800.00 - $ 5,000.00) NVIDIA® TITAN RTX ~ MSRP: $ 2,499 (REAL PRICE: $ 3,500.00 - $ 3,999.00) NVIDIA® RTX ™ 2080 Ti ~ MSRP: $ 1,199.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 1,199.00 - $ 2,000.00) NVIDIA® Titan V ~ MSRP: $ 2,999.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 3,000.00- $ 6,000.00 +) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti ~ MSRP: $ 699 (REAL PRICE: $ 700.00 - $ 1,250.00) NVIDIA® Titan Xp ~ MSRP: $ 1,200.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 1,200.00 - $ 2,300.00) NVIDIA® Titan X ~ MSRP: $ 1200.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 1,200.00 - $ 1,500.00) NVIDIA® GTX Titan Z ~ MSRP: $ 2,999.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 2,999.00 - $ 4,900.00) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX Titan Black ~ MSRP: $ 999.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 2,999.00 - $ 3,999.00) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 690 ~ MSRP: $ 999.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 999.00 - $ 4,899.00) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 590 ~ MSRP: $ 699.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 699.00 - $ 879.00) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 480 ~ MSRP: $ 499.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 499.00 - $ 700.00) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 295 ~ MSRP: $ 500.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 699.00 - $ 879.00) NVIDIA GeForce® 9800 GX2 ~ MSRP: $ 599.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 600.00 - $ 650.00) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 8800 Ultra ~ MSRP: $ 830.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 830.00 - $ 1,000.00) NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 7900 ~ MSRP: $ 500.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 499.00 - $ 650.00) NVIDIA GeForce® 6800 Ultra Extreme ~ MSRP: $ 600.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 600.00 - $ 700.00) NVIDIA GeForce® FX 5900 Ultra ~ MSRP: $ 499.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 500.00 - $ 600.00) ATI / AMD: AMD Radeon ™ RX 6900 XT ~ MSRP: $ 999.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 1,500.00 - $ 2,500.00) AMD Radeon ™ RX 5700 XT ~ MSRP: $ 400.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 450.00 - $ 1,700.00) AMD Radeon ™ RX 590 8GB ~ MSRP: $ 279.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 280.00 - $ 330.00) AMD Radeon ™ RX 480 8GB ~ MSRP: $ 239.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 240.00 - $ 300.00) AMD Radeon ™ R9 Fury X ~ MSRP: $ 649.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 649.00 - $ 799.00) AMD Radeon ™ R9 390X 8GB ~ MSRP: $ 430 (REAL PRICE: $ 430.00 - $ 600.00) AMD Radeon ™ R9 295X2 8 GB ~ MSRP: $ 1500.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 1,500.00 - $ 1,800.00) AMD Radeon ™ HD 7990 6 GB ~ MSRP: $ 1000.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 1,000.00 - $ 1,250.00) AMD Radeon ™ HD 6970 ~ MSRP: $ 370.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 370.00 - $ 500.00) AMD Radeon ™ HD 5970 ~ MSRP: $ 599.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 599.00 - $ 660.00) AMD Radeon ™ HD 4870 X2 ~ MSRP: $ 449 USD (REAL PRICE: $ 449.00 - $ 600.00) AMD Radeon ™ HD 3870 ~ MSRP: $ 219.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 219.00 - $ 300.00) AMD Radeon ™ HD 2900 XT ~ MSRP: $ 399.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 399.00 - $ 549.00) ATI Radeon ™ X1950 XTX ~ MSRP: $ 449.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 449.00 - $ 600.00) ATI Radeon ™ X1900 XTX ~ MSRP: $ 649.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 649.00 - $ 750.00) ATI Radeon ™ X1800 XT ~ MSRP: $ 449.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 449.00 - $ 600.00) ATI Radeon ™ 9800 XT ~ MSRP: $ 400.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 400.00 - $ 550.00) ATI Radeon ™ X800 XT Platinum Edition ~ MSRP: $ 600.00 (REAL PRICE: $ 600.00 - $ 650.00)

    Theodoros TheodorouTheodoros Theodorouپیش 8 روز
  • just bought rtx 3060 and has no drivers yet, what should I do?

    MD & RGMD & RGپیش 8 روز
  • F-ing wait :)

    Jojo SmithJojo Smithپیش 8 روز
  • Still new to the whole PC business, currently running a GTX 1080. For someone who will probably settle on 1080p with the 1440p, which of these mythical 30 series cards should I start trying to grab in like 2 years time?

    TheMemeManTheMemeManپیش 9 روز
  • Got nvidia with i5 and unless switch to 1280 by 1024 I get over 200fps with 1650 It was prebuilt and saw someone build worse machine expect it had double ram for twice price that's inflation like charging 10k for megawatt in Texas

    Matthew GodwinMatthew Godwinپیش 9 روز
  • i'm waiting for the crypto to crash and buy used 30 series.. retailers will never sell these cards under $600

    Bl inkBl inkپیش 9 روز
  • It's fun to watch all you nVidiots get burned like this, Now you can know what it's like to be cut out and scalped by the radical left on PC hardware. Remember a scalper is not just a person, 90% of companies are also scalpers and harbor scalpers. THERE WILL BE RETALIATIONS. Anyone caught scalping is very likely to get shot to death from now on.

    Zeek MZeek Mپیش 9 روز
  • I farted in the bathtub

    fanmaxis3004fanmaxis3004پیش 9 روز
  • With pricing this high, just buy a console and a couple of games.

    Robot SixRobot Sixپیش 10 روز
  • With the pressure of amd, the state. Of the market due to 19 and miners and their intentional lack of production they better produce the living shit out of these cards and keep the market flooded.

    William FortnerWilliam Fortnerپیش 10 روز
  • Have yet to get any card 6000 or rtx I sold my 5700xt to buy a 6800xt and got 0 I’m on a 1660 that I got for 130$

    SLVRFOX88SLVRFOX88پیش 11 روز
  • So is this a good option for my first PC? Gonna try to get one on release.

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnsonپیش 11 روز
  • I had a graphics card poop out recently. I really would like to grab one at MSRP. If not, I will wait until prices are not a inflated

    firesayer23/ grumpybunsfiresayer23/ grumpybunsپیش 15 روز
  • Will it be faster than RTX 2070?

    farooq ftfarooq ftپیش 15 روز
  • Hi, can u please help me to decide, to buy a 3060 Ti or two 1660 super. My thinking is with two 1660 Ti with 31.7mh/s each, if one break down, I still have one earning eth. How about profitability?

    Pierre QiuPierre Qiuپیش 15 روز
  • I have an ASUS ROG Strix 1070 TI that I got for $550 a few years ago (which is now doubled in price lmao), but if I could get my hands on an FE 3060 for the actual MSRP, is a big enough jump in performance to be worth it? Mind you I don’t have a PCIE 4.0 MOBO so I’m not sure if that would interfere with performance.

    Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnsonپیش 16 روز
  • even online 2060s are over 500 bucks

    Sean SollarsSean Sollarsپیش 16 روز
  • I can't buy one because either they are gone but the price is very much more than listed.

    Sean SollarsSean Sollarsپیش 16 روز
  • It's ridiculous to say that price would be 329$ when you just producing few units only and you know it not gonna be sold in 329$, clever business.

    XeonizerXeonizerپیش 17 روز
  • Why don't NVidia and AMD just take the insane money they are making from these miners buying everything, and speed up the development of their own microchip foundries? Get 5nm plants built THIS YEAR! The ONLY thing stopping them producing more graphics cards and CPUs than even all the miners could buy, is the speed that they can get their hands on the chips to make their stuff. If they poured in a few million into faster foundry production, not only would they be able to take FULL advantage of the demand NOW, making more money than they could dream of (which should be a good enough incentive for them to do it), they would also make us happy, and spank the scalpers by flooding the market with so many devices that the scalpers are left with stock they cant sell, and a lesson learned about being greedy! The games industry would also be grateful to stop the devolution in hardware that people are currently having to settle for, which stops them making better games! Its a win for everyone except the flaming scalpers! Use you influence and lean on AMD and NVidia - it just makes sense NOW! www.pcgamer.com/uk/tsmc-in-the-desert-with-the-silicon-wafer/

    Tim LongsonTim Longsonپیش 17 روز
    • They can just upscale this project and get it finished this year if they really care! Or at they doing it on purpose??? www.pcgamer.com/uk/tsmc-in-the-desert-with-the-silicon-wafer/

      Tim LongsonTim Longsonپیش 17 روز
  • Out of stock everywhere lol guess the 1660ti will have to keep going

    d shookd shookپیش 18 روز
  • haha available in February 2021 naaaa fam it's hard to get a card now i had to try for a month to get 1 3060ti

    Arnold WerschkyArnold Werschkyپیش 19 روز
  • I still don't understand why 3060 has 12GB and 3060 Titanium has 8GB. Weaker but with more VRAM. Stupid.

    WellBeSerious12WellBeSerious12پیش 19 روز
  • I’m starting to think that the 30 series doesn’t even exist.

    Cronarona321Cronarona321پیش 20 روز
    • Can confirm I got a 3060

      im the oneim the oneپیش 2 روز
    • Not for us, plain ppl.

      Zimnel RedoranZimnel Redoranپیش 5 روز
  • I wonder how fast it will mine ETH. If around the same as 3060 ti then ill buy around 6 of them

    To tylko BizonTo tylko Bizonپیش 22 روز
  • I might get a 3060, but it seems rather underwhelming. Would rather buy a 3080, but that's impossible even with good contacts (at least without massive markups).

    kadajawikadajawiپیش 22 روز
  • The RTX cards are the biggest joke I have ever seen in the tech industry. I'm still waiting for Nvidia to come out and be like: "haha gotcha"

    shaquille o'nealshaquille o'nealپیش 22 روز
  • Man, it's weird that it's already been 144 days of waiting.

    nickstormmnickstormmپیش 22 روز
  • They would be insane to allow the extremely niche gaming laptop market to even further slow product availably of desktop GPUs.

    T2112T2112پیش 23 روز
  • no idea what nvidia are smoking but the stock levels have been shit all last year and even till today. Heck even Amazon haven't had anything in stock for donkeys. And they are boasting about new affordable cards?? right now we can't get any cards, total joke. Same goes for AMD too, can't get any cards.

    SopranoSopranoپیش 23 روز
  • 3 worst people in the world are Nazis, racists and Bitcoin miners

    Yeety DabYeety Dabپیش 23 روز
  • I just want an RTX card. Whatever the number is 20 series, 30 series it doesn't matter just as long as it says RTX. Simple as that. Enough said.

    Ethen GreenEthen Greenپیش 25 روز
  • This whole out-of-stock ordeal has killed all my interest of getting a new GPU due to how both NVIDIA and AMD handles the out of stock issues. Like FFS! launching another card?! at this point its nothing more than a joke. Idgaf if someone throws a " bUt cOroNa" reply. If these companies where to take this more seriously maybe not launch ANYTHING at all before the situation is managble but No pull out the RTX 2000 series and instead wait it out and have something on the market than nothing. Its far easier to produce something thats already in production as the factories are already ready and fitted to make those cards. As always Jay you put out good videos.

    SAJ Music Work'sSAJ Music Work'sپیش 25 روز
  • Hate when ass holes buy 80 rtx 3080s and overclock them in a big mining rig. It just frustrates me that's 79 other people who wanted to play games and run AI projects or stream during the lockdown. Selfish gluttony.

    Conor MConor Mپیش 25 روز
  • It can be found in the rog strix ga15 pre built

    bootn13bootn13پیش 25 روز
  • Towards JayzTwoCents and other hardware reviewers, nVIDIA, AMD and retailers. With upcoming RTX3060, RTX3050 and RTX3050Ti, 6700XT and not only, can we please have a world wide campaign to limit the sales of new cards to 1 card per physical customer, so legit customers will get to buy a new (or older) graphic card before the miners buying 100 pieces at once? And with this action try the best to maintain a much lower price for hardware? I'm thinking that the first card should cost lets just say 100% of their base price (and definitely much less than the outrageous prices we are dealing right now, especially in the entry level mid level). But 2nd one should cost 120% or more and the more cards you buy the more premium you pay and NOT the other way around. It is outrageous that a certain bunch get to buy 5-10-100 cards while a legit customer cannot even afford to buy a single card to upgrade their 5-10 years old card. This could also apply to other components such as processors. In my opinion this is a win win situation. First. Legit gamers could get their much needed hardware at the most affordable prices. Second. Retail could also get some extra cash for selling multiple cards to same owner at a much higher price and with that both AMD, nVIDIA and their distributors could have a fairly better sale overall. Miners will also not strave since in my opinion this is not how you earn hard worked money by literally typing "bills" just virtual in this case. FYI my grandfather was a miner too. But a real one. He worked in a coal mine risking his life so some of your parents and grandparents get to have their homes heaten in the cold winter nights. And he ended paying with his life after fighting cancer for several years.

    Cookie and CoffeeCookie and Coffeeپیش 25 روز
  • Totally on board for the 3060, I’ve been playing for a while on my laptop but I’m stepping into the pc world now. Looking to build my first one. I have all the parts planned out just don’t want to start ordering them before I even get a gpu.

    E. NelsonE. Nelsonپیش 26 روز
  • my 1060 NEEDS to rest, please techgods let me buy this at a REASONABLE PRICE OH GOD PLEASE DONT X2 times it

    crispx19crispx19پیش 27 روز
  • I will wait for the next series. Always out of stock.

    DerkerDerkerپیش 28 روز
  • What's up JayzTwoCents, guys here.

    SeikoFPSSeikoFPSپیش 28 روز
  • I'm lucky enough that my friend is seliing his gtx 1080 strix for 250$. I will just buy it from him and upgrade in a year or two

    kmbxkmbxپیش 28 روز
  • USA price + 200$ 😑 ..

    DonaldDuck QuackDonaldDuck Quackپیش ماه
  • And I sold mine rx5700 counting on beeing able to buy some decent gpu.. hahahahahhaahah silly me

    R33mbaR33mbaپیش ماه
  • Nowadays its hard to get graphics cards. - Scalpers are hustling their butts off 24/7/365 - 100+ smelly geeks that disappoint their fathers on a daily basis camping outside of microcenter - Limited stock. And by the time they become available the new series comes out, offering 25% better performance for the same price. 😐

    Mista _MaskMista _Maskپیش ماه
  • If I had a Penny for every comment about the gpu being out of stock, I'd be able to afford it.

    Planet:73910Planet:73910پیش ماه
  • Will the rtx 3060 be slowed when running on pcie 3.0 x8 compared to x16? When I use the second m.2 ssd slot on my motherboard, which has a heatsink (compared to no heatsink on first slot), it reduces the GPU slot from x16 to x8

    sk8rjord1sk8rjord1پیش ماه
  • Damp cloth hanging over my GTX 980, poor thing. 3070 coming tomorrow, poor thing. Tee Hee.

    Hamish ThecatHamish Thecatپیش ماه
  • Probably best to go with a 'super budget' pc! Everything is going up ... sky hi! I'm thinking of using my old 8150 (4Cx8T), perhaps its memory is okay and a few more things. I may try PC-Part-Picker to see how much this might run. That might do okay with the nVidia 1070 ti or something similar. I'm sure almost all chip fabs are going full-tilt. They can get what they want for prices!

    Christopher HadsellChristopher Hadsellپیش ماه
  • Shit even microcenter is selling GPUs for like ridiculous prices. A 6800 sells for like $890 when the MSRP is 580

    Not PinheadNot Pinheadپیش ماه
  • can i just buy a 3070 off you jay lol

    Justin ShippJustin Shippپیش ماه
  • Hi good afternoon, So I’ve had this problem with my pc. When I play a big powerful game, my mic lags and cuts out, and the people that I’m playing with say I sound robotic. But it’s not my mic itself, because I’ve tried another mic and had the same issue. So it’s definitely a problem with my pc. Then I did a little more investigating and I noticed, that when I play they games, my cpu goes to around 90% to 100% usage, and I’m pretty sure that’s the problem, and I’ve tried ways the reduce my cpu usage, but non works when I play these games, and when other people’s cpu goes to the same numbers as me, there mics don’t lag, it’s just me. So I don’t know if it’s because of high cpu usage, or can it be something with my microphone drivers or something?

    SebbySebbyپیش ماه
  • entry lvl mid range=330 kekw,seems like the next 1030 will cost 249

    hamidi abdel hakimhamidi abdel hakimپیش ماه
  • Another fail from nvidia

    motoreye motormotoreye motorپیش ماه
  • Jay where can I buy the flight sim pc from origin

    Maggie PeckMaggie Peckپیش ماه
  • 1:21 "still floating arround on pascal" ahahahah good fucking Joke Jay. You expect everyone to have a 10 series nvidia gpu? Just cause you have piles of rtx cards laying around doing nothing anyways you expect everyone to be on at least gtx 1050

    momorainmomorainپیش ماه
  • I’m sure they’re lovely. Who knows.

    VRoomvroom BoomboomVRoomvroom Boomboomپیش ماه
  • You have a better chance getting hold of the corvid vaccine than getting hold of a RTX 3060

    Toxic JoypadToxic Joypadپیش ماه
    • @im the one Hope you like it & Hope you never over paid

      Toxic JoypadToxic Joypadپیش 2 روز
    • I got a 3060

      im the oneim the oneپیش 2 روز
    • @bobbywrtm great friend hope you keep well

      Toxic JoypadToxic Joypadپیش 29 روز
    • can confirmed that,just got Sinovac today

      bobbywrtmbobbywrtmپیش ماه
  • I've got a 970, and I would definitely like to get a 3060 for that cheap price.

    NinjaTerd473NinjaTerd473پیش ماه
  • Maybe next year. What is worrying though, how with new technology the power draw is going back to the old standards.

    Khan Arif MasudKhan Arif Masudپیش ماه
  • I thought people can barely pay their rent cause of Corona but all the rtx are gone...

    ZennaZennaپیش ماه
  • Just bought a 2060 🤭

    idk a Nameidk a Nameپیش ماه
  • Since when is a midrange card $500+?

    ron johnsonron johnsonپیش ماه
  • I'm a miner and have had no problem getting cards directly from Nvidia board partners. All of them. If you need a card just buy in bulk like me. I have one mining rig with 102 RTX 3090's. I have another mining rig with 84 RTX 380's. I have another rig that's not very impressive at the moment with 39 RTX 3060 TI's. But my main cash making rig has 372 RTX 3070 TI's. And Zoptac and EVGA have come through for me once again because between the two of them I have 450 RTX 3060's about to be delivered. Fingers crossed guy's I'm hoping they produce. I want to thank Jay for the review I wanted to know what to expect. Cheers guy's and have a great day. I'm about to step into the hot box of my garage and admire my work

    Belial RottBelial Rottپیش ماه
  • Well DLSS is big deal and I don't want AMD card just because of DLSS 2.0, yet. I was more interested in RTX 3070 for 2k gaming, but I guess there is bigger chance to get 4070 than 3070. So I'll keep my 2060Super right now and we'll see next holiday. So 3060(Ti) is hard pass, not interested in xx60 cards anymore.

    middermidderپیش ماه
  • Video card availability in my country is bad! In fact so bad, there are no last gen, current gen cards available at all, recently looked up the price for a GTX 1660 (they aren't available) but those prices are at least €340 around the same price of a RTX 2060 super which is equally not available, building a pc at the beginning of 2021 is impossible, I have to lend out my old GTX 970 to a friend to have his broken pc fixed for a while until his RTX 2060 is available... There was one card available: a GTX 1060 3GB for €300, which is totally not worth it and probably the reason it was still available. There are a few 3070, 3080 and 3090 available, but only because those prices are insane and prices around the €2000 euros, the most expensive one being €2399, which nobody in his or her right mind will buy. These are rough times for pc gamers.

    MartinMartinپیش ماه
  • living in moms basement..... do sad........

    Cmore ButtsCmore Buttsپیش ماه
  • still waiting looking at the end of march for my 3038 did a preorder day before release

    Aaron WardAaron Wardپیش ماه
  • I was hoping to get a 3060ti to replace my 1070SC, would this be a good place to jump in, with 30 series?

    NovagunnerNovagunnerپیش ماه
  • Whats the deal with people selling 3090 and 2090s at the same price? wtf is with that? the market with these cards are so F***ed

    NovagunnerNovagunnerپیش ماه
  • Everybody said wait last year until the new stuff came out, well the new stuff is out now and 1080ti are higher than the new stuff! we could of got a 2070 cheaper last year or a 2080 cheaper than they are now waiting on the new stuff never again! it gonna be cheaper when the new stuff comes out #NOT

    Antoine FinchAntoine Finchپیش ماه
  • Can someone explain how does mining bitcoin affect availability of graphics card ?

    Shreedhar GangwarShreedhar Gangwarپیش ماه
  • 12 GB is dumb on a 3060, all it will do is drive up the price. 8 or 10 would be lots. Dumb marketing hype. I wouldn't buy below the 3060 Ti anyway, preferably 3070.

    Tony OliveiraTony Oliveiraپیش ماه
  • The 3060 is really a 1070 replacement. We still await a true 1060 replacement.

    The EylesThe Eylesپیش ماه
  • I just picked the worst time to build a pc...

    lisnato tistolisnato tistoپیش ماه
  • My budget is max 300 € so any of the nvidia cards are out of my range. I am waiting to see what happens when AMD's rx 67/6600 come out and maybe get one of them, or if prices are right a 56/5700.

    TheInfiritTheInfiritپیش ماه
  • I have a 2060 and would upgrade if price and availability allowed. I was hoping for a 'lottery' chance of a 3060 fe but looks like that isn't going to exist so chances of getting any at a price worth buying one I might as well put my time into buying real lottery tickets.

    czeroczeroپیش ماه
  • Me wanting a 3060 for my first build Bots : NOT SO FAST

    unwearybeast 11unwearybeast 11پیش ماه
  • Userbase has bottlenecked. Try overclocking manufacturing speed.

    Chad ChaderstonChad Chaderstonپیش ماه
  • I still want a 3070/6800

    Blank BlankBlank Blankپیش ماه
  • So the website for Micro Center in Tustin showed an MSI 6800 and MSI 6800xt Trio in stock today and were not in stock the day before. I jet over there from Pomona not bothering to call. I get there and grab a ticket and wait my turn. Once I get called up I ask if the 6800 is still available. He just flat out says "we never had that, it's an inventory mistake." "What about the 6800 xt," I ask? He says, "We don't have any of those in stock," as I am showing them in stock on their store website (beautiful technology in the palm of your hand btw.) I could understand if he said "they sold right away," but "nah, it's a mistake." Come on... Biden is president now, I thought these things were gonna get fixed. We should have made Kanye president, he would have said "free GPUs for everyone in celebration of my divorce to Kim." Damn 2020 was supposed to die, but it rose from cold snow like Nazi zombies. Edit: it was a nice drive though

    Mr. JMr. Jپیش ماه
  • God-Damn miners and scalpers making things hard to get ahold of at a reasonable price

    Silent WoodfireSilent Woodfireپیش ماه
  • Literally so desperate for this card

    Bella MacTavishBella MacTavishپیش ماه
  • I was able to drive to my local retailer and buy two 3090 for two builds, two months ago and two weeks ago, and I picked up a 3060 Ti yesterday. All retail MSRP. I think the problem is online due to bots, less of a problem when you can actually talk to a salesperson.

    alphaodalphaodپیش ماه
  • Do you think someone told Nvidia that they actually need to make the cards to sell them?

    Wolfgar WardWolfgar Wardپیش ماه
  • Sighs... guess I'll just wait for the RTX50 cards at this point. Already given up on the 40s and they don't even exist yet lol.

    TriggerTriggerپیش ماه